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The city of Jeddah is an open-air museum just waiting to be discovered – a harmonious blend of old and new, where traditional architecture stands proudly next to futuristic skyscrapers.

Delve further into the city’s heritage during a visit to one of its many historic buildings and museums. To get a glimpse of the good life in Jeddah, you can take a tour of Nassif House (Bayt Nassif), a magnificent mansion in Al-Balad. The Abdul Rauf Khalil Museum showcases statues, artifacts and ancient musical instruments that provide insight into pre-Islamic and Islamic civilizations. It also hosts craft fairs featuring traditional clothes and handmade products.

No stay in Jeddah would be complete without a visit to one of its many beautiful mosques. The Othman bin Affan Mosque, with its imposing minaret, is Jeddah’s oldest. For a more contemporary take on tradition, visit the Al-Rahma Mosque on the shores of the Red Sea, and see for yourself how it earned its nickname of “”The Floating Mosque.””

For fine dining in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is the place to be. The confluence of so many cultures and nationalities has had a significant impact on the city’s diverse gastronomical scene. Restaurants serve all types of cuisine, with a focus on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean, prepared with local ingredients and freshly caught seafood.

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Sofitel Jeddah Corniche
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